PremiFold Sliding Doors

The team at Lockwood worked alongside industry leaders Kommerling to help develop PremiFold - a revolutionary slide, swing and folding window on door system.

The innovative PremiFold door system is quite simply a revelation in the way in which you can open windows and doors to maximise ventilation without compromising on security.

Key features include:

  • The clever way in which each sash moves independently of each other, allowing them to slide, swing and fold;
  • The warmer touch and feel that comes with a uPVC product;
  • The option to have different colours inside and out at no extra cost (standard colours only - other colours available on request).

The system also harnesses existing C70 and O70 Gold® profiles and combines with a separate hardware package, that’s already achieved PAS 24 in a door set.

To see one of the PremiFold systems please visit our showroom where we have one on display. You can also see a demonstration of how the system works in the video below:

When a FENSA certificate is not applicable a Building Control Certificate will be required which is the responsibility of the home owner, builder or developer. (For example in the case of listed or commercial buildings or extensions.)


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