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Secure windows and doors from the Lockwood Windows, Yorkshire

Window & Door Security Features

In order to achieve the required energy ratings, some manufacturers and suppliers are compromising on the important security aspect of window and door installation.

To ensure that every window and door we produce is as secure as possible, we offer customers the Kommerling 070 and C70 frame system, which are both highly energy efficient and secure with galvanised steel reinforcement.

Whether you require windows, doors, bi-fold doors or a conservatory, you will receive a highly secure product with multi-point locking systems, shoot bolts and internal beading for enhanced security.

We want to offer the best products to our customers, and ensure we always meet the highest standards, which is why we have invested in the Kommerling system.

We have installed new tooling and testing equipment, and new computer software, but believe the investment is definitely worth it to be able to offer a superior product.

In order to maintain our quality and service levels, we are also independently tested and audited every 12 months.