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Ensuring your Doors and Windows are Secure

Published: 23rd June 2015

They say an Englishman’s home is his castle and, quite rightly, you want to be sure that it is also as secure as one.

We’re not suggesting moats and drawbridges here, but having the most secure windows and doors to keep out would-be burglars would certainly give you and your family peace of mind - not to mention a potentially favourable home insurance quote.

All doors and windows supplied and installed by Lockwood Windows are Secured by Design.

Fortunately all the window and door products manufactured, supplied and installed by Lockwood Windows use the Kommerling 070 and C70 frame system, which are both highly energy efficient and secure with galvanised steel reinforcement.

Although we have manufactured to these high standards for some considerable time, for both new and replacement doors and windows, as of 1 October 2015, the Building Regulations are introducing new legislation (Approved Document Q1) that will require all doors and windows fitted in new build homes to be PAS24:2012 rated. This move will finally regulate against the products that make them less secure.

So if you’re thinking about replacing your windows and doors, look out for the PAS24:2012 certification.