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Bi-fold and patio doors: Everything you need to know

Published: 11th July 2021

Bi-fold and patio doors are an excellent way to increase your property’s aesthetic appeal. In this blog post we will take you through everything you need to know and reveal the key advantages to having them installed in your home.

What is a bi-fold door?

Bi-fold doors consist of several panels that are hinged together on a concealed track which fold away unobtrusively, opening up the doorway and drawing light into the darkest of spaces. As they allow a whole wall to be replaced with glass panels they enable access to 100% of the aperture area. Additionally, bi-fold doors have seen a surge in popularity in recent years as they add a contemporary look to any property and are the ideal solution for extending your home into your outdoor living space.

What is a patio door?

Patio doors work on a frictionless sliding basis and are sometimes referred to as ‘sliding patio doors’. Unlike bi-fold doors, as they overlap with one another you will only gain access to 50% of the aperture area. Patio doors also do not project outwards like bi-folding doors therefore are more suitable to properties with limited or restricted outdoor space.

Key benefits of bi-fold and patio doors

As restrictions begin to lift, many job roles have now evolved to where working from home for part or all of a job role will remain the norm. Consequently, people are currently spending more time at home than ever before. Therefore, there is a wealth of benefits to having bi-fold or patio doors installed in your property:

  • Increase productivity – Bi-fold and patio doors allow a significant amount of natural sunlight to flow freely into the home, which can boost energy levels if you’ve noticed a dip in productivity since working from home.
  • Attractive – They are visually pleasing and can modernise an older property.
  • Seamless – They create an extension of the living room into the garden or the bedroom out onto a balcony, making the inside and outside of your property blend effortlessly.
  • Enjoy the summer – As the days are now longer, brighter and sunnier, bi-fold and patio doors are the perfect addition to any property to utilise the extra warmth and sunlight during the summer months.
  • Energy efficient – Replacing older doors with bi-fold or patio doors can help reduce energy bills.
  • Desirability – bi-fold and patio doors are a beautiful feature to any home, creating a brilliant focal point.
  • Low maintenance – Bi-fold and patio doors require very little maintenance to stay looking impeccable.

Our bi-fold and patio doors

All of our bi-fold and sliding doors are fitted with Pilkington K glass which reflects heat back into the room, helping to achieve high-energy ratings for your home. Furthermore, with 10 different colours to choose from you can customise your bi-fold and sliding doors to help achieve your dream aesthetic.

Contact us to receive a free no obligation quote or get in touch with our friendly team for more information on 01484 519 677.